Here customers of flowDOCS have their say.

Here customers of flowDOCS have their say. You get an insight into the projects. Detailed customer reports and a list of customers are welcome to contact us. Use the contact form.

With invoiceLINE market participant replaced
The SAP Integration is the Top Runner

DMK_02_NEUDMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH:

„We have now arrived at the goal of our ideas,” says Horst Bauer as head of accounting at DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH in Zeven near Bremen. “By fully integrating discovery technology, workflow control, and booking strategies into our SAP environment, we’ve been able to make the business process very effective and transparent.” For Jane Aldag, project manager responsible at the DMK in Zeven, the newfound flexibility is an important step forward. “Our employees feel very comfortable working with invoiceLINE. After all, they are now in their usual SAP environment. This ensures a high level of acceptance. Switching to invoiceLINE is a good thing for us.“

International Shared Service Center
invoiceLINE is used worldwide

DER Touristik Köln GmbHDER Touristik Köln GmbH:
Thousands of incoming invoices are processed worldwide every day at DER Touristik Köln GmbH (REWEgroup). The DER Touristik Köln has several shared service centers, which are based on the location of the holiday regions. For example, invoiceLINE is used in Bangkok, in Bulgaria, in the Dominican Republic, in Dubai, in Egypt, on Mallorca, in Turkey and in the headquater in Cologne. The introduction of invoiceLINE took into account both paper-based and electronic supplier invoices. The invoiceLINE modules are used for freeform detection, workflow control and monitoring. “Our users enjoy working with invoiceLINE,” explains Sven Höngesberg (Head of Accounting). “We have more than met our productivity goals.” Resource management and utilization control can be performed in the Shared Service Centers worldwide using the teamMonitoring invoiceLINE module. This allows REWE Touristik to optimize the utilization of resources and to manage the processing of hotel bills, car rental bills and so on. The “fast track” project method of the flowDOCS is very satisfied. “In terms of the complexity of our requirements and international framework conditions, we have been able to implement rapid project planning. The project method and detailed implementation guide were important elements, “says Tuncay Öngün, project manager at DER Touristik Köln. “The invoiceLINE standard (best practice) has virtually covered all requirements for our approval process of cost accounting,” says Tuncay Öngün. “Our special requirements for tourist bills have been optimally implemented. Our business processes have been understood and complex requirements well represented in invoiceLINE. “For DER Touristik Köln it was important that the invoiceLINE software was characterized by absolute stability and reliability right from the start of production. This is an important moment, especially for use in international shared service centers.

Individual requirements quickly implemented
invoiceLINE Customizing guideline

EnBW Ostwürttemberg DonauRies AGEnBW Ostwürttemberg DonauRies AG
EnBW Ostwürttemberg DonauRies AG is a subsidiary of EnBW AG. Since February 2010, EnBW ODR has been using invoiceLINE® to process incoming supplier invoices. The introduced invoiceLINE® solution is completely based on SAP® and thus contributes to the fact that the recognition of invoice header data and individual items as well as their automated comparison with SAP® orders are completely integrated in SAP®. Through the workflow, both SAP® users and releasers who do not use SAP® can be addressed and integrated into the release and clarification process.
“Due to the extensive delivery status and the extensive customizing possibilities of the invoiceLINE software, only a small amount of consulting work was done. This resulted in a very short project duration, “says Karl Koch, project manager at EnBW ODR.

invoiceLINE in group of companies
Internationales Invoice Management

Bild_SORTIMOSORTIMO International GmbH:

In Zusmarshausen SORTIMO International GmbH has its headquarters. As part of the connection of subsidiaries to the Shared Service Center (SSC), the automatic processing of supplier invoices was realized with invoiceLINE®. The invoices are scanned at the respective locations and then processed by the central installation of invoiceLINE®. This includes freeform recognition of billing data, automatic posting or control in workflows. The complete system logic and process control takes place within SAP®. The users work in their familiar SAP® environment or receive the processes via email and Internet browser as workflow participants for processing (eg invoice release). Thus, the respective processes, for example, in the UK or Benelux directly edited and released. The central accounts payable department in the SSC always has the overview and status for the respective billing process. Discounting can be ensured and the entire process can be optimized.

Invoice release and other processes.
Process automation as a strategy.

MHM_01_NEUMHM Michael Huber München GmbH:

MHM Michael Huber München GmbH is one of the largest printing ink manufacturers in the world. With invoiceLINE, 400 to 500 incoming invoices are processed daily at several locations in Europe. These are invoices with and without order reference. Jessica Wachinger, finance and accounting officer says: “The clarification and release workflow gives us an overview of where the invoices are at all times. In addition, the return of the released invoices is many times faster, which means that discount periods can be met. By saving time, we can now devote ourselves to new tasks. “The two responsible MHM project managers, Alessandro Coffaro (IT) and Hermann Gold (Accounting) say:” With the complete integration of the software, we have succeeded in streamlining our processes in invoice verification , In the future, further business processes will be automated together with flowDOCS Software GmbH. “

Projekt steht „unter Strom“
Short project duration thanks to best practice

Bild_50Hertz250HERTZ Transmission GmbH:

50HERTZ Transmission GmbH provides infrastructure, such as B. power lines. The Berlin site has extensive experience with the use of invoiceLINE and can look back on a successful project: “The project support provided by flowDOCS was very intensive and professional. This allowed a short project duration to be achieved. It feels good, “says Nick Wrobel, Head of Financial Accounting and SAP® Coordination.

Take off with invoiceLINE

SELL GmbH develops and produces components for aircraft. With invoiceLINE, scanned supplier invoices are processed in the same way as invoices that arrive electronically as PDF. Sven Leichtweiß, Head of Finance and Accounting and the responsible SELL project manager says: “With the complete integration of the software, we have succeeded in streamlining our invoice verification processes. In the future, further business processes will be automated together with flowDOCS Software GmbH. ”
Patrick Schreiner, responsible in finance and auditing and key-user says: “Through the clarification and release workflow, we always have an overview of where the invoices are located. In addition, the return of the released invoices is many times faster, which means that discount periods can be met. By saving time we can now devote ourselves to new tasks. “

Control of construction invoicing
Monitoring and Matching

Bild_EnBWodr2EnBW Ostwürttemberg DonauRies AG:

EnBW Ostwürttemberg DonauRies AG is a subsidiary of EnBW AG. After the successful introduction of invoiceLINE, the connection of further business processes was on the agenda. In a further project step, for example, a matching and monitor for project billing was realized. This means that processes that have already been completed that have been processed with invoiceLINE can be further processed and edited by the project accounting staff. “The subsequent connection of project accounting monitoring and the associated possibilities, such. For example, tracking the status and capturing parameters by jumping into required transactions are a considerable relief for us, “says Gerhard Lingel from the Controlling and Project Accounting team.

International Roll Out
Using invoiceLINE in Eastern Europe


ZOTT SE & Co KG uses SAP® ECC 6.0 as the ERP system in the Group. Therefore, when choosing a suitable solution to automate the processing of supplier invoices, SAP integration was an essential criterion. “With invoiceLINE, we have found the solution in which both the freeform detection and the workflow control and the invoice receipt book are completely integrated into SAP®,” says Anton Schnepf, Head of Finance and Accounting.
The project started with the installation of best practice as a delivery standard. As a result, ZOTT has been able to directly see the “best practice” functionality in its SAP environment. In connection with the implementation guide, the individual process steps were discussed and adjustments were defined. These were implemented by flowDOCS Consultants in the customizing of invoiceLINE.
ZOTT was then done with the international roll out of invoiceLINE. On the one hand, the syntaxANALYZER method for freeform detection is used in order to be able to connect new countries quickly and cheaply. In addition, the process of harmonizing business processes will be taken care of in the concrete roll-out move to Eastern Europe.

Customers of flowDOCS Software GmbH
satisfied and successful users

You can request further customer reports from us. We are happy to make you a contact to one of our reference customers. The spectrum ranges from companies that process 50 transactions per day automatically (eg incoming invoices) to companies that process hundreds of thousands of transactions each year and worldwide.

Regular events for users (eg working groups) and more recently also an innovative communication strategy in the “customer area” of this internet presence ensure a purposeful dialogue. The concerns of our customers find their way into our product management. Ideas and innovations of our developers are discussed with customers and their marketability is ensured. – That’s how our customers are at the center of our activities.


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