International Roll Out

Effective Roll Out Method
Solution: syntaxANALYZER

If you have a roll out for example, if you are planning in your national companies, then the question of costs (eg license, consulting) is related to the respective volume of transactions (eg incoming invoices) in the room. We have a method of keeping costs to a minimum. With our syntaxANALYZER, you license the roll out once. There are no licenses per country or language. Our customers have already proven that this works well and fast. In Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Benelux, France and Spain, and naturally also in the UK and the USA. The DER Touristik Cologne for example, supplier invoices are processed on three continents with our invoiceLINE Solution.

Customer review

Sven Höngesberg | DER Touristik Köln GmbH
Head of Accounting

“With invoiceLINE, we have realized the optimal SAP® integration of the automatic processing of our supplier invoices. We use invoiceLINE to process invoices on three continents and are very satisfied.”


Freeform detection


If you want to use our freeform detection in a country that we do not yet serve, use the syntaxANALYZER. The method is as smart as it is simple: your native users manually capture a representative number of tasks. With syntaxANALYZER, we analyze the collected data and compare it with the context of the document information. Our algorithms identify key words and other logical relationships. Then we generate a language pack from it and deliver it to you.

The user interfaces are always available in German and English. That’s the delivery standard. You can optionally select or request additional languages.

How to reach for example the workflow participant in his language and secure a successful post-processing of the individual processes in the respective countries.