Order confirmations

Supplier sends confirmation of purchase order
Solution: confirmationLINE

A likewise SAP® integrated automation offers the confirmationLINE. Order confirmations of the suppliers are processed automatically. In addition to the documentary incoming confirmations (by envelope or fax), there are also confirmations by mail or as an EDI record. All are handled by a single process control.


Integrated in SAP®

Our central monitoring in the confirmationLINE gives you the transparency of the confirmations for your orders. With plausibility checks for example, deviations for date, price or quantity are determined. These are displayed in confirmationLINE.

Even with the confirmationLINE, the users work completely within SAP®. This allows the problems to be identified quickly and efficiently and the correspondence recorded and confirmed.


input types

Whether paper, fax, email with PDF or electronic data record. All data sources are taken into account.


Saving of time

We see a significant potential for saving time.


Safety and security

The algorithms are designed in such a way that the checks guarantee secure processing.

Advantages at a glance:

  • SAP® integrated application
  • Automation saves time
  • Complex checks can be set up.


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