Process remittance from customers faster
Solution: avisLINE

Your customers will send you payment advice. It lists the paid invoices and credits. Charge displays and deductions for freight, advertising subsidies, etc. can also be found in the payment advice notes. We support you with our solution aviseLINE in automating this business process in customer accounting.

With a special workflow, we ensure the timely and effective communication between Accounts Receivable and your sales organization. This refers to the clarification of burdens that your customers claim.

The payment advice

The deciphering

The Workflow

Payment notices are partly still paper-based and then scanned. As a rule, payment advice notes are now exchanged between the customer and your company as an electronic data record (eg EDI, XML).

We support you in establishing an effective customer communication and the associated technical infrastructure (eg archiving processes via SAP ArchiveLink).

Our avisLINE solution identifies the paid invoices and the cleared credits and copies them into the customer account in your SAP®.

Unclear transactions or debits are posted as new open items in the customer account. Subsequently, a workflow starts for clarification. This clarification leads, for example, to credits or rejection of the burden. This results in bookings that you can make with avisLINE.

In addition to avisLINE, there is a workflow module that organizes the communication of the clarification of debit notes and various deductions. Thus, the clarification between the accounting and sales can be done quickly and system-based.

The advantage is that the often complex and time-consuming clarification with the sales organization becomes transparent. The escalation logic ensures that the individual clarification process is kept in mind.


Figure out

You can look forward to a high matching rate when balancing matching positions.



The sending of electronic notifications has increased significantly.



The internal clarifying of deductions takes up most of the time. In particular, waiting for confirmation.

Advantages at a glance:

  • SAP® integrated application
  • Automation saves time
  • Workflow for debit notes


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