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02. June


flowDOCS & abilis become one team

abilis acquires 100% of the shares of flowDOCS

Thanks to merging with abilis, we have concentrated power of experienced IT and SAP service providers with SAP Golden Partner status as well as our long-standing process automation experts.

Our customers can look forward to full SAP support, hosting services and other helpful SAP add-ons. Together with abilis, we can develop further process automation solutions and increasingly optimize the existing ones.


13. May


invoiceLINE is S/4HANA 1809 ready

Also fully compatible with S/4HANA 1809

The whole coding of invoiceLINE was syntactically reworked for S/4HANA 1809, so that the so called HANA readiness for S/4HANA oP1809 is also provided after the already delivered one for 1709.
Due to changes to SAP S/4HANA made by SAP the following corrections have been made and functions have been made available:

  • Orders with attachments
  • Separate work items for missed deadlines have been created


7. January


Implementation of the processing of X-invoices

Newest update for invoiceLINE

Due to the seamless integration into our products mailHANDLER as invoiceLINE module, X-invoices can now be processed within invoiceLINE as an additional, chargeable module called “X-invoices”. Thereby, mailHANDLER is the central contact point for processing.

This makes the smooth transfer to invoiceLINE possible. The transformation of the data from the technical format of the X-invoice to the validationDESK is flexible and can be customized and optimized in order to achieve the best possible result for the customer.

In addition, the display of the data of an X-invoice while being processed in validationDESK is solved in two ways. On one hand, an optimized PDF containing all information included in the X-invoice is created. On the other hand, a customized HTML display is used to show all the data in a familiar invoice format.

Therefore, it is ensured that there is no break in the processing, thus enabling the complete integration of the X-invoices in our invoiceLINE product.

The following corrections and optimisations are included in this support package:

  • Optimised involvement of the flowDOCS viewers
  • Optimised configuration information in WebDynpro
  • Optimisation of the shared memory structure


3. June


New update for invoiceLINE

Debit Entry and Business Partner Support in S/4HANA

  • Debit entry: processing of debit invoices: complete revision of the invoiceLINE recognition logic, revision of validationDESK and the posting variant.
  • BUPA support: the SAP concept of the Business Partners (BUPA) in the roles of the vendor and customer within the processing of the customer invoices included in invoiceLINE. Furthermore, is has been also included as an object within the module statusENGINE for expansion option of the shared-memory shadow master.


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