Process Order Confirmations Automatically in SAP


Automatic processing of order confirmations with confirmationLINE

In the B2B environment, order confirmations from suppliers are an absolute must. However, it is often a complex process especially for smaller suppliers, as the purchasing department has to enter the data manually into the SAP system.

With confirmationLINE, order confirmations from suppliers can be processed automatically. The range of functions extends from free-form recognition, transferring order confirmations received by e-mail, post-processing completely integrated in SAP to the information workflow in case of any differences.

With our best practices standard, we have a perfect solution for med-sized companies and large corporations: high functionality. Complete SAP integration. Fast implementation. Of course, future customizing is also possible.


With our fully SAP-integrated free-form recognition, it is no longer necessary to export for example any supplier master data to external components.  Both scanned order confirmations, already available in PDF format, and iDOC-based order confirmations can be processed with confirmationLINE. Moreover, handling order confirmations received by e-mail is supported by a special module.

The confirmationLINE offers possibilities of personalized control for your order confirmations. These can be various criteria, such as order number or purchasing group. In addition, order confirmation processes can be assigned to the respective person (user or team) using a filter. The processing takes place inside the SAP system. Your SAP functionalities and access to master data and order data are of course available.



Order Confirmations are directly linked

Once the process is finished, the order confirmation is linked directly to the order. Thus, even after processing, it is available even straight after the order has been placed.


Direct Comparison with the SAP Order

The result of the recognition is directly compared with the SAP order and made visible through traffic light control.


User-Friendly Interfaces

The user interface is based on the appearance of the ME22N transaction, which is the standard transaction in the SAP system for entering order confirmations. In this way, the user works in their familiar system environment.

Bestellbestätigung confirmationLINE
Erweitere Transaktionen confirmationLINE

Extended Confirmation Management

Not only order confirmations can be processed automatically with confirmationLINE. The complete range of functions works for the processing of delivering schedules.


Additional Transactions Can Be Integrated

The integration of additional transactions for further analysis (for example, MM03, MD04…) is possible via confirmationLINE customizing.



iDOC interfaces for data transfer to the accounting system of the SAP system and for data transfer to the accounting system of an external system can be connected if necessary.



CPQ Einführung Phase 1 Step 1

Order Confirmation Entry

Order confirmations can reach you in different ways. If the order confirmations are in paper form, they are first scanned and processed via the SAP standard transaction called OAWD. When an email is received, the PDF attachments are recognized and processed by mailHANDLER.

CPQ Einführung Phase 2Step 2

Recognition & Validation

Subsequently, the order confirmations subjected to individual character recognition (OCR) thanks to background processing and then fed to free-form recognition.

CPQ Einführung Phase 3 Step 3

Setting the Operations in workCENTER

After that, the operations are placed on the worklist of the order confirmation check (workCENTER) and are available for post-processing. The scanned order confirmations are shown to the user in the workCENTER. Here you can get an overview of the document volume and start directly with the processing.

CPQ Einführung Phase 4Step 4

Post-processing of the Order Confirmations

During post-processing, the user is faced with various options, in addition to the necessary post-entry. Order confirmations can be booked directly or, in the course of clarification, sent directly per e-mail.

CPQ Einführung Phase 5 Step 5

Release & Completion of the Process

After clarification and approval comes the final processing, carried out by the order confirmation auditor and the process is completed with a booking.


With our comprehensive confirmationLINE modules, you can add various additional applications – according to your needs and requirements. In this way, you achieve maximum productivity in the order confirmation process and a high quality of your commercial services. Here you can see our modules:

High number of order confirmations per email

For order confirmations in PDF format, received by e-mail, the so-called mailHANDLER is required. mailHANDLER ensures that the contents of the order confirmations are recognized, processed and forwarded to the SAP system, where it can be processed directly by the confirmationLINE.

Load Balancing for Process Management

With load balancing for process management the processes can be distributed in shared-service-centers.

confirmationLINE customizing

Our customizing is comprehensive. Using our guidelines, you can make changes quickly and easily. This ensures the low costs and the higher investment security for the projects.

Erweiterungen confirmationLINE



Voraussetzungen invoiceLINE

Clarifying the prerequisites for confirmationLINE via questionnaire

  • With the help of a questionnaire, we clarify what is required for the successful implemetation of confirmationLINE.
  • If you are interested in the confirmationLINE, you are welcome to download the questionnaire in advance and send it to us already filled out. This will helps us to respond to your specific requirements right from the first meeting.
  • Download the questionnaire here

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Workshop zur invoiceLINE

confirmationLINE customized according to your needs

  • In the first workshop, a structured project guideline is created together with you. The project guide is based on your process and SAP system requirements and is set up using best practices.

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Umsetzung der invoiceLINE

Implementation of confirmationLINE

  • In order to adapt confirmationLINE even more individually to your needs, we offer extensions in addition to the confirmationLINE standard process.

    » All extensions for your customized confirmationLINE can be found here

  • During the implementation, it is particularly important to us that you can continue to work as usual in your SAP system without interrupting the process and without any order confirmations getting lost.

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Training of your employees & Go-Live

  • During the implementation of confirmationLINE, your employees will of course receive comprehensive training, so that the work with confirmationLINE runs smoothly.
  • During the go-live process, we will be available at any time to help and support you, so that the transition to the new order confirmation process runs without any problems.

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Updates und Support

Version updates & support

  • Even after the implementation of confirmationLINE we will stay at your side. We will provide you with the important version updates and with the extensive SAP support from our experts.

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For the successful implementation of confirmationLINE, certain requirements are necessary. Don’t worry – all SAP customizing settings are included in the standard system and we will of course be happy to help you with the implementation.


High Input of Order Confirmations

When there is higher input of order confirmations, it is worth to work with confirmationLINE.


Archiving Solution

In order to store e-mails with order confirmations as attachments, an archiving solution is required.



For smooth recognition, the PDF files should be in black and white.

Server für OCR


A server is required in order to establish the connection from OCR to SAP.

Gute Stammdatenpflege

Well Maintained Master Data

Process-relevant data, such as order numbers and material numbers, must be well maintained.


Scanner for Confirmations via Mail

In order to save the order confirmations received by mail, you need a scanner.




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