Shareholders and management

The flowDOCS Software GmbH was founded in 2009 and belongs to the “RCgroup”. The seat is in Reutlingen and in Renningen. Solutions for automating business processes are being developed as certified SAP® Add Ons. The flowDOCS sees their software solutions as supplements to the scope of services of SAP® ERP.

Product strategy

in the flowDOCS a clear product strategy is implemented. This is the result of many years of customer relationships and their requirements:

  • SAP® is the basis for the solutions of flowDOCS.
  • Process automation is the focus of the solutions.
  • The project planning is carried out by consultants with SAP® know-how and process know-how.
  • Among other things, the customers are involved in the planning of the solutions via working groups.

We have special competence as flowDOCS with our Solution invoiceLINE for the automatic processing of incoming invoices. The following components are used in particular:

  • freeform detection (implemented in SAP®)
  • freeform detection (implemented in SAP®)
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Customer relationship

The solutions of flowDOCS are suitable for all companies that use SAP® ERP (eg ECC 6.0, NetWeaver). The customers of flowDOCS include medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. For international support, we as flowDOCS have the advantage that the SAP® Competence Centers – ie the IT department – have set up an international 1st-level support for SAP® ERP for our customers. This channel usually also provides internal support for flowDOCS products. In this way, we provide central support to our international customers for their SAP® CC or central IT department. This creates simple structures and efficient communication. After all, our products are developed in SAP® (in our own namespace).