Dynamic Workflows

Automate business processes individually
Workflow Tool Kit: caseENGINE

Of course, individual business processes can be mapped with our Workflow Tool Kit. You formulate your requirements and we show you the possibilities of implementation.

Workflow Tool Kit


In our predefined guide you will find extensive possibilities to make settings for workflows. This includes the definition of a workflow strategy. In customizing, the individual workflow steps are created. Each workflow step can be assigned attributes.

There are predefined logics for controlling workflow processes to the participant (inside and outside SAP®). Our Implementation Guide also provides escalation management.

We arrange the activation of the respective SAP® follow-up transactions together with you. The objective here is that we do not make any changes to your SAP® but simply “call” and “fill in” the follow-up transactions.

There is a comprehensive monitoring available. This way, each task can be assigned according to its status. The business process owner keeps this way the overview. In particular, technical monitoring can be used to process problems and support tests.