Reminders from suppliers

Shared-Service-Center for reminders
Solution: dunningLINE

Are you organized in your company or group in such a way that reminders from suppliers are received centrally? Then you can support and partially automate a shared service center with our dunningLINE.

This saves you time and reminders are communicated purposefully and quickly. We determine – for example in connection with invoiceLINE – where the invoice verification process is currently located. The reminder is controlled accordingly.


Link to invoiceLINE

The reminders are processed centrally. DunningLINE recognizes which dunning level it is. You can set how the follow-up process should look for each dunning level.

The control takes place via our workflow components. It is possible to operate communication in SAP® (for example SAP Portal) or as a WEBflow. The workflow results in a feedback to the supplier.

All events are archived together with the reminder and linked to the booked invoice. So there is a direct possibility of the search from SAP®.

If you use dunningLINE in conjunction with invoiceLINE, then a direct dialogue can take place between the two solutions. Thus, invoiceLINE can report to dunningLINE where the supplier invoice is located in the review and approval process.

This creates the opportunity to automate this process very far-reaching. They are able to provide information to suppliers. The complex handling of reminders is largely eliminated. You save time and the quality of your services increases.



The data interpretation is very high. This is due to our freeform technology.


Saving of time

We see a high potential for saving time.



Our investigation indicates a high quota of automatically processable reminders.

Advantages at a glance:

  • easy linking with invoiceLINE
  • SAP® integrated application
  • Automation saves time


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