Release notes version 1.0 service pack 05

Feature highlights

Expansion of the recognition logics with the integrated position recognition

With our latest Service Pack, the new technology replaces the previous recognition in the confirmationLINE. By identifying the exact positions of a document, the dark booking rate can also be increased.


Easier communication with the new correspondence function

The new correspondence function enables fast and simple communication with suppliers or team members directly in SAP. This function will also be continuously improved and developed in future service packs.


Further improvements for even more efficient process automation

Benefit from many other improvements, such as improved delivery date recognition, direct accessing of inbound e-mails in the mailHANDLERpdf and a revision of the English translations.

New functions

Integration of position recognition


Recognition of multi-row table headers

The service pack 05 introduces the technical innovation of position recognition as part of the confirmationLINE. This expansion of the recognition logics in the module of the talkENGINE enables the recognition of information contained in tables – as well as in their rows and coloums – on a document. Whereas previously, the whole document had to be considered for position-related data, position recognition technology now enables work at the position level. Consequently, information can be extracted from individual rows, which increases the quality of the recognition and generates new possibilities for information generation. Should a document not contain tabels, or if none can be recognised, the previous recognition logic will step in.


Business-partner whitelist

The position recognition can be rolled-out step-by-step with an in-built business-partner whitelist. Additionally, it is possible to extend the new recognition concept on the basis of customer requirements. This option will be continously improved and developed in future service packs.


New recognition logics

In the framework of the position recognition, the following recognition concepts have received additional recognition logics:

Material number

Material text


Net prices

Delivery date


Implementation of the foundation for the correspondence function


Fast communication with suppliers or team members directly in SAP

With the correspondence function, e-mails can be captured within a process. The processing of e-mails can be supported by customer-specific text templates and an attachment option. Replies are automatically allocated to the respective process. All e-mails are archived in .EML format and thus remain accessible at all times. The integration of a separate e-mail address in the SCOT in SAP, via which communication can be controlled, is required for this.



Readiness for S/4HANA 2020

The coding of the confirmationLINE was adjusted to meet the SAP S/4HANA readiness 2020 guidelines.


Improved delivery date recognition

The recognition of the delivery date was entirely restructured as part of position recognition. Further, recognition of dates in the calendar-week format was improved.


Jump to mailHANDLERpdf

There is a new button in the process details for the direct opening of the e-mail inbox in the mailHANDLERpdf.



Additional screen elements in the validationDESK can now be hidden.


English translations

The English translations have been revised.

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